“Yoga is the culture of tomorrow.”

Sri Swami Satyananda

From time to time a special kind of man is born on earth who leaves society to gain greatness of spirit, and then returns to the world to help others who are suffering, or who may themselves wish to follow the spiritual path.

The world has a great history of such spiritual benefactors dating back to the vedic rishis, to the biblical prophets and seers, to Christ, Buddha, Mahavira, Mohammed, and more recently Paramahamsa Yogananda, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo and Sri Swami Sivananda.

Blessing to Yoga

“Like the rays of the moon
The light of yoga is expanding.
All religions, beliefs and sects
Are receiving shelter
Under the kalpataru (wish-fulfilling tree) of yoga.
Towards the evolution of consciousness
Yoga has done unforgettable work.
Yoga will become tomorrow’s culture
And will show a new way of life for mankind.”

Sri Swami Satyananda

One great saint of recent times is Sri Swami Satyananda, the founder of Bihar School of Yoga, who inspired the integration of yoga into society and encouraged the spiritual evolution of all people.

Sri Swami Satyananda became the beacon of the modern yoga renaissance, which has created a mass return to the ancient holistic techniques and precepts of the yogic science.

People all over the world have turned to yoga for a new direction and basic premise in life which they have found can bring them physical health, mental peace and a spontaneous love for living, culminating in an understanding of the true meaning of man’s multi-level existence.