Vision of Yoga

The history of mankind is going to change. Man has made many errors in the past by ignoring the science of life. He has sponsored political movements, social movements, religious movements and military movements, but during the past few centuries he has failed to sponsor a yogic lifestyle movement. The world is changing now and its destiny is taking a complete turn about.

I have only taught one yoga, that which leads to freedom, and I feel that the present concept and direction of yoga must change. Yoga must be unified, freed of all separate ideals and narrow concepts of spiritual attainment. Attitudes must change, barriers must come down so that a new vision of yoga can emerge. This will be the yoga of unity. As organs and parts of one body we must work together in one connected and concerted effort to serve humanity, to share our knowledge, our gifts, and our capacities for the common good, for a better world.

The yogas expounded in the twentieth century were suited to the needs and evolution of humanity for that period. Therefore, the form of yoga was limited to self-disciple, self-introspection and self-improvement.

Now yoga is taking another step forward. It is expanding beyond the personal, selfish and narrow confines of individual practice, teachings and ideals, to encompass a broad spectrum of devotion, dedication and integral participation in human emancipation. Every moment of your life must be dedicated to higher ideals. Transform every act of yours into an act of yoga. Freedom is infinite for those who walk in the light of this yoga.

“Yoga is the lifebread
Broken to sustain the spirit of all mankind,
For even a single taste transforms
Every meal into a feast of truth,
All of life into a celebration of awareness.”

Sri Swami Satyananda