BSY Courses & Events


Courses 2014

Course in Yogic Studies, 4 months (Hindi)
Feb 1 – May 25
Yoga Instructor Course (Hindi)
Mar 1–21
Yoga HMC* – Asthma (Hindi)
Mar 3–20
Yoga HMC* – Diabetes (Hindi)
Apr 3–20
Orientation in Yogic Science & Lifestyle, 2 months (Hindi)
Jun 1 – Jul 25
Diploma Course in Yogic Studies, 1 year (English)
Aug 2014 – May 2015
Yoga Instructor Course (English)
Aug 1-21
Yoga HMC* – Arthritis & Spinal (Hindi)
Aug 3-20
Yoga HMC* – General (Hindi)
Sep 15–30
Course in Yogic Studies, 4 months (English)
Oct 1 – Jan 25

* HMC: Health Management Course

Events 2014

Akhand Path of 108 Hanuman Chalisa for New Year Blessings
Jan 1
Sri Yantra Aradhana
Feb 1-4
Basant Panchami Celebrations – Bihar School of Yoga Foundation Day
Feb 4
Bal Yoga Diwas, Children’s Yoga Foundation Day
Feb 14
Guru Paduka Poojan during Guru Poornima
Jul 12
Honouring Janmotsava of Sri Swami Sivananda
Sep 8
Honouring Sannyasa Diwas of Sri Swami Satyananda
Sep 12
Celebration of Swami Satyananda Birthday
Dec 25

An Opportunity to Serve….

Bihar School of Yoga has undertaken an historical compilation of yogic and spiritual sciences from the scriptures, the masters and their traditions, sects and systems. You can voluntarily offer your seva (service) in this project by living in the Ganga Darshan ashram for one to six months and assist with the writing, editing, proofreading, computer or DTP work.

For further details regarding any of the above events contact Bihar School of Yoga. For a reply please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.