Training & Events 2017

Bihar School of Yoga Training 2017

Bihar Yoga Bharati 2017

Yoga Peeth Events 2016

Yoga Chakra Series III
Dec 19–23
Swami Satyananda’s Birthday
Dec 25

Yoga Peeth Events 2017

Sri Yantra Aradhana
Jan 28-31
Basant Panchami Celebrations / Bihar School of Yoga Foundation Day
Feb 1
Bal Yoga Diwas, Children’s Yoga Day
Feb 14
Yoga Chakra Series
Dec 11–15

An Opportunity to Serve….

Bihar School of Yoga has undertaken an historical compilation of yogic and spiritual sciences from the scriptures, the masters and their traditions, sects and systems. You can voluntarily offer your seva (service) in this project by living in the Ganga Darshan ashram for one to six months and assist with the writing, editing, proofreading, computer or DTP work. Following the historic World Yoga Convention, several new projects have been taken up by Bihar School of Yoga and Sannyasa Peeth. Work currently is underway to produce the unreleased archive teachings of Sri Swamiji and Swami Niranjan. People with experience in audio and video editing, who can work with Soundforge, Logic, Premiere or Final Cut Pro are welcome to participate in this project. If you are able to come and work alongside the sannyasins for a period of one month or more, please contact Bihar School of Yoga, Ganga Darshan. For further details regarding any of the above events contact Bihar School of Yoga. For a reply please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.