Ashram Routine


Ashram culture is going to be a panacea for the people of this modern era because it will
provide them with a positive environment to explode that seed of creativity which is
dormant within them.


The greatest lesson we have to learn is the lesson of life. This becomes available to us
when we decide to step out of our routine existence and adopt some different ways to
live by, even if it is for a short time. One of these ways is ashram life, where you can stay
for a few days and live a life that is diametrically opposite to yours and learn how to deal
with different situations, different people, different problems and, at the same time, also
learn to deal with yourself.


The daily routine and disciplines of the ashram create an atmosphere which accelerates
the pace of evolution in spiritual life.

—Swami Satyananda Saraswati

The yoga ashram is a place where people of all ages from every walk of life can come and live for some time free from any involvement or attachment, and imbibe the principles of yoga and yoga lifestyle.

Visiting the ashram is an opportunity to experience a natural, simple and regular life, free from the distractions and disharmonies of the world engrossed in material concerns. Living yoga as a way of life allows the yogic principles to be imbibed and supports personal sadhana as a way to connect with the inner self. One begins to understand oneself better.

The daily routine, disciplines and practices of the ashram help to free oneself from what is unnecessary and restrictive in one’s own inner and outer life. As a result the experience of contentment, balance and harmony dawns, and the vision and connection with life expands. In this process, connection with the uplifting qualities and strengths that lie within is deepened and enhanced, and one develops the ability to live these aspects with clarity, purpose and creativity in daily life.

Ashram Routine

Below is the current ashram timetable.

4.00 am
Wake up and personal sadhana
5.00 am
Hatha Yoga start at 5 am. Timings change as per winter or summer season.
6.00 am
6.30 am
6:30 and 7:30 am there is Karma Yoga for all visitors and residents.
7.30 am
Departmental Karma Yoga is assigned to individuals in administration, maintenance, publications, transcriptions, art, gardens, kitchen, etc.
10.30 am
Sundarkand Chanting
11.00 am
12.30 am
Time from 12.00 pm to 5.30 pm is devoted to classes or departmental Karma Yoga.
1.30 pm
5.30 pm
6.30 pm
Bhakti or Jnana Yoga
7.30 pm
Private study or sadhana in one’s own room.
8.00 pm
Gates of residential buildings close.
8.30 pm
Lights out.
Observance of Mauna (silence) is obligatory at all meal times
and from 6 pm to 6 am.
Every Saturday Mahamrityunjaya Havan
Every Ekadashi Bhagavad Gita Path
Every Poornima Sundarkand Path
Every 4th, 5th & 6th Guru Bhakti Yoga
Every 12th Akhand Path of Ramcharitamanas