Visiting Bihar School of Yoga at Ganga Darshan

Ganga Darshan, Munger, is the karma bhumi of Sri Satyananda Saraswati, chosen and declared by him to be the epicenter of the yogic renaissance in the 21st century. It was in Munger that Sri Swamiji had the revelation that he would fulfil the mandate of his guru Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati, by creating a fellowship of yoga, and devote himself to the elevation of human consciousness by disseminating the light of yoga.

The eternal flame, akhand jyoti, that Sri Swamiji lit fifty years ago in Munger continues to burn bright in Jyoti Mandir and we are witnessing the flowering of Sri Swamiji’s prophecy, “Yoga will become the culture of tomorrow.” Ganga Darshan is a spiritual lighthouse, illuminating, revealing and teaching the ancient wisdom of yoga for the benefit of people across the globe.

Ganga Darshan is a unique place of spiritual retreat, wherein the modern aspirant or devotee can recharge and recreate, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Maintaining the ancient traditions and practices, the teachings of Ganga Darshan provide practical techniques and methods to bring simplicity, harmony and balance into the modern world. Yoga at Ganga Darshan is not just a practice, but a lifestyle which offers an experience of complete integration of the human personality and nature.

Ganga Darshan is home to the various institutions dedicated to the fulfilment of the vision of Sri Swami Satyananda through the propagation of yoga, including Bihar School of Yoga, Bihar Yoga Bharati, Yoga Research Fellowship and Yoga Publications Trust. The current work of Bihar School of Yoga is taking the understanding and application of yoga to a new and higher dimension at both the classical and practical level. Current projects are delving deeper into the teachings and progressing into unexplored and undiscovered areas of human development and evolution.

A Spiritual Centre

Since its inception the doors of Ganga Darshan have been open for sincere spiritual seekers, students, devotees and aspirants from both India and abroad. Ganga Darshan is a spiritual centre and the rules and disciplines of the ashram are framed accordingly. Casual visitors who are interested only in sightseeing or tourism and who have no spiritual intention are usually not encouraged to stay in the ashram. Non-vegetarian food, mobile phones, smoking or drinking are not permitted.

Guests and devotees are expected to participate in the daily regular activities and maintain the sanctity and discipline of the ashram. Guests remain within the ashram during the entire period of their visit, without access to external services, including email, banking and shopping. This allows one to withdraw temporarily from the distractions of daily life. Basic provisions and personal items can be purchased on campus. Foreign exchange is also available.

Visiting Procedures & Accommodation

If you would like to visit Ganga Darshan for an event or to experience the yogic lifestyle, please inform at least one month in advance prior your visit. Availability of accommodation should not be taken for granted. Admission policy is selective and a personal introduction is preferred when accepting applications. Bihar School of Yoga reserves the right of admission to any training, program or event. To request accommodation at the ashram, please submit an Application Form for Visitors ( and Group Details for group visit ) by letter or fax.

All guests are expected to abide by the rules of the ashram, maintain the discipline and also participate in the daily activities and seva. Please bear in mind the ashram accommodation is moderate, designed to meet the basic requirements of a spiritual aspirant. The residential buildings contain rooms with lights, windows and fans. The rooms are clean, airy and simple, double or triple occupancy, with shared bath and toilet facilities. Rooms with attached toilet and bath are very limited. All guests should use water sparingly and make sure all taps and electrical switches are turned off after use. If you have any special needs, please give details of the same beforehand, along with your application.

As accommodation in the ashram is restricted, you may refer to this list of hotels and dharmashalas in Munger in Munger to make arrangements for your stay. Kindly contact the hotels directly.

General Information for Visitors


November to February can be chilly with temperatures of 8-15°C during the day, which can drop to 5°C during the night. March to May is the summer season with temperatures of 40-45°C during the day and is not recommended for overseas guests. June to August is the monsoon season with moderate temperatures of 30-40°C. September to November is the autumn season with pleasant mild temperatures of 20-30°C.

What to bring

Guests are advised to bring loose, light clothing for summer and sufficient warm clothing for winter. Other useful items: torch, mosquito repellant, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, water bottle, umbrella in monsoon season, slip-on shoes, alarm clock, any personal medication or health requirements, asana mat or blanket for yoga practice and sitting, sleeping bag in winter.


The ashram diet is simple Indian style vegetarian food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as tea are served in the kitchen area. Private cooking is strictly not permitted on campus.