Yoga Capsules

For national aspirants only

Yoga Capsule (Respiratory) (Hindi) February 18-24, 2019
Yoga Capsule (Arthritis & Rheumatism) (Hindi) February 18-24, 2019
Total Health Capsule (Hindi) March 9-17, 2019
Yoga Capsule (Digestive) (Hindi) March 11-17, 2019

Yoga Capsules are designed for the management and promotion of health and wellbeing by applying a minimum routine of yoga. As one takes a capsule of vitamins each day for good health, one should take a ‘yoga capsule’ to balance the energies in the body, improve mental efficiency and harmonize the emotions. The capsule sadhana can be completed easily each day by those who have to meet demands of workload, family and society.

The yogic theory of health is based on an integral approach. If you are able to regulate all the aspects of your body, including the physical, pranic, mental and psychic, as well as the dimension of consciousness, then any condition can be effectively managed. From the yogic perspective, health management is the method by which you can harmonize the five levels of your existence, regain balance and maintain optimum health.

The integral system of Satyananda Yoga–Bihar Yoga covers all aspects of the body, mind and personality. Asana is applied to correct muscular and nervous imbalances; pranayama deals with nervous stress; yoga nidra deals with mental stress and disharmony; mantra helps one release unconscious stressors; and meditation creates a bridge between your mind and the experience of peace, which can allow you to maintain balance while participating in the daily environment. The minimum from these different aspects of asana, pranayama, pratyahara, yoga nidra and relaxation becomes one yoga capsule.
In addition to a Total Health Capsule, Yoga Capsules are offered for specific health conditions: respiratory conditions, arthritis and rheumatism, and ailments of the digestive system. To help determine which capsule is appropriate for you, more information is provided [here].