Yoga Lifestyle Experience

3 months duration
For foreign nationals
Dates: November 1 2017 – January 30 2018

During the Golden Jubilee of Bihar School of Yoga, the completion of the first chapter of yoga was announced, and the second chapter of yoga began. After fifty years of propagating yoga worldwide, Bihar School of Yoga enters the next fifty years with a new vision, understanding and approach.

Central to this is the concept of the yoga chakra. One half of the yoga chakra is comprised of the bahiranga (external) branches of yoga, hatha yoga, raja yoga, kriya yoga. The remaining half of the yoga chakra is comprised of karma yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga, which is antaranga yoga. It is through practice of antarganga yogas that yoga becomes a lifestyle.

In antaranga yoga the focus is on expressing the attainment of the practices in your daily life, in thought, behaviour, and action. The purpose is to manage the traits which are inherent in the personality, and govern your responses to situations in life. These conditions of personality create ones habits, mindset, personality and character.

Since ancient times, ashram living has provided a different type of training and education which seeks to develop the personality in order that the student can discover the inner self. Ashram lifestyle offers the unique opportunity to develop awareness and apply spiritual principles in daily life.

During the 3 month training, aspirants will have the opportunity to practice the first stages of karma, bhakti and jnana yoga, as well as and introduction to the yama and niyama of the Yoga Upanishads. Emphasis will be placed on swadhyaya, self study, observation and participants will keep a diary to record their own progress.

The practice of mouna, refraining from speech for prescribed periods, is one such ashram discipline which will be included in the training program. Mouna encourages the practitioner to restrain the outgoing senses and observe the mind, allowing for greater clarity, understanding and transformation of negative tendencies.

The daily routine of ashram supports the aspirant as they make the effort to observe, understand and improve their thoughts, behaviour and performance in accordance with the yogic teachings. Full participation is expected as this interactive lifestyle experience forms the basis of the training.

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