Yoga Capsules & Health Management 2017

Yoga Capsule

For Indian nationals only


Feb 12–18                        Yoga Capsule (Respiratory) (Hindi)

Feb 26– Mar 4                   Yoga Capsule (Digestive) (Hindi)

Mar 19–Mar 25                  Yoga Capsule (Arthritis & Rheumatics) (Hindi)

April 9 –April 19                 Total Health Capsule (Hindi)

 Since its inception in 1963 the Bihar School of Yoga has been recognized and respected world-wide as a teaching institution of the highest standard. People from all parts of the world come to receive yoga training and to participate in an inspired vision of life based on timeless yogic tradition.

The yogic theory of health is based on an integral approach. If you are able to regulate all the aspects of your body, including the physical, the pranic, the mental, the consciousness, and the psychic dimensions, then any condition can be effectively managed. From the yogic perspective, health management is the method by which you can harmonize the five levels of your existence, regain balance and maintain optimum health.

Yoga capsules for health

The integral system of Satyananda Yoga–Bihar Yoga covers all aspects of the body mind and personality. Asana is applied to correct muscular and nervous imbalances; pranayama deals with nervous stress; yoga nidra deals with mental stress and disharmony; mantra helps one release unconscious stressors; and meditation creates a bridge between your mind and the experience of peace, which can allow you to maintain balance while participating in the daily environment. The minimum from of these different aspects of asana, pranayama, pratyahara, yoga nidra, and relaxation,become one yoga capsule.

The yoga capsule deals with the minimum that can be applied, in the shortest time period. The entire yoga routine can be completed in fifteen minutes, which is appropriate to the individual physical, mental and emotional state, and can be easily practised every day, by those who have to meet the demands of daily workload, family and society. Sustained practice of the yoga capsule will create a conditioning whereby in the future, stress will have no effect. Yoga capsules help to create a positive condition by eradicating the reactions which affect and impact upon the peaceful state of the body and mind.


Application Procedure

To apply, please:

  1. Download the application form.
  2. Attach a copy of your recent medical reports.
  3. Send the completed application forms, remittance & medical reports to Bihar School of Yoga.

Those who require assistance in their personal routine and daily activities will not be accepted. Those with chronic ailments, communicable diseases, or drug or alcohol addictions should not apply. Applicants between the ages of 18 and 60 years will be considered for admission.

If accepted you will be sent a provisional admission letter which will indicate the date and time you need to arrive and depart from the venue. Bring the provisional admission letter and the remaining board and lodging charges with you. Admission will not be granted in the absence of the provisional admission letter. After your arrival your formal admission will be decided.

The Yoga Capsules suitable for both students and yoga teachers, however they are for Indian nationals and conducted in Hindi medium. All applications and correspondence should be directed to Bihar School of Yoga. For a reply please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.