Course in Yogic Studies – Four Months

The four-month course in Yogic Studies is conducted twice a year, once in English and once in Hindi. BYB seeks to admit a diversity of students with a broad range of interests and backgrounds.

Combining academic studies with the gurukul lifestyle and discipline can be challenging and all aspirants must be prepared for this approach to yogic studies. The gurukul disciplines are designed to create an atmosphere in which the yogic life and spirit can be experienced at a subtle level. Alongside yogic education, the life and spirit of seva, selfless service, samarpan, dedication, and karuna, compassion, will be imbibed by the students (sadhakas).

Completion of the course does not entitle one to teach yoga. It provides a foundation for further study and learning, and develops the inspiration to pursue and deepen one’s own practice.

What is seva yoga?

Seva is serving others and helping others with compassion, serving not for personal gratification but to uplift others. Seva is an offering. When an action contains your best thoughts and feelings, your love and affection, sympathy and compassion, and when it uplifts others, that is seva. Seva is serving others with compassion and with the best you can give.

Swami Niranjan

Course Description

Overview A residential course to provide basic training in the practical and theoretical aspects of yoga and ashram life based on the ancient gurukul system.
Duration Four months
Course dates
(every year)
Hindi: February – May
English: October – January.
Courses usually start on the first of the month. Overseas applicants must arrive 1 week prior to the course commencement date to attend the admission procedures.
Contribution Contact Bihar Yoga Bharati, Ganga Darshan for further information.
Minimum Age 18 years
Educational &
Submit one of the following:

  1. Secondary education certificate (see examples below)
  2. Exam results from 10th year of formal education. Examples:
    • Australia – School Certificate
    • Ireland – Intermediate Exam
    • India – Year 10
    • UK – ‘O’ Levels/GCSEs
    • USA – High School Diploma
Yoga experience Prior experience in yoga is not essential.
Language Competency in language both written and spoken will be required. Applicants will be assessed upon arrival.
Completion A Certificate in Yogic Studies is awarded to those who demonstrate the required competencies in the course assessment.

Important Information – Read Carefully Before Applying

Bihar Yoga Bharati courses are intensive and require all students to remain within the ashram during the entire period of the course.

Please note:

  • You will not be able to access external services, including email, banking and shopping.
  • Once you have registered in the campus you will not be permitted to leave the premises until the time of your departure.
  • If due to exceptional circumstances you are required to leave campus, prior permission must be taken from the administration.
  • Permission is not given under any circumstances for visits to Ganga, for swim or bath.

All Applicants: Please see the Important Information page before applying.