Bihar Yoga Bharati conducts the following fully residential courses each year.

Course in Yogic Studies – 4 months
February–May (Hindi)
October–January (English)

General Admission Requirements — All Courses

Admission Process

All candidates must submit a complete Application package, and will then be issued with a provisional acceptance or a request for further supporting information.

Admission will be approved following a selection process, which includes a written English or Hindi language test and a personal interview. These will be conducted before the actual commencement date of the course. Selected candidates will then be required to participate in a 3-day orientation program. Following this, final admission formalities will take place, at which time candidates will be required to provide their original school certificates/degrees.


All candidates must be physically and mentally fit in order to participate fully in the activities of the ashram lifestyle and all classes and sessions. The first class begins at 5.00 am and the daily activities continue through to 7.30 pm.

Language Proficiency

Admission will be approved following a selection process which includes a written English or Hindi language test and an interview.

If it is found during orientation that your English or Hindi language skills, including comprehension and expression, lack the required proficiency, Bihar Yoga Bharati reserves the right to revoke your selection for admission. To avoid disappointment, please consider carefully whether your language skills are sufficient for a course at this level.


Foreign nationals are required to arrive with the appropriate visas valid for the full duration of the course, without which they will not be admitted. Following 2nd June 2016, short term yoga programs have become a permissible activity under a Tourist visa.

Students are expected to remain on campus for the full period of the course and there is no opportunity for personal travel during this time. Compliance with local visa/travel regulations is the responsibility of each student.

Specific Admission Requirements

For specific eligibility requirements for a particular course, visit the relevant course page