Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I apply for a course?

Send a completed Application Package to Bihar Yoga Bharati. Refer to the Application section for more details.

Q2: What are the course expenditures?

Please refer to the Financial Requirements page.

Q3: Will I be able to use credit cards?

Remittances for courses can be submitted by debit/credit card. Standard cards (including Visa, Mastercard) are accepted and a bank transaction fee applies.

For personal monetary requirements, there are no facilities on campus or locally in the town for credit card use or encashment. Only large cities can cater for credit cards. The closest city for credit card encashment is Kolkata, where there are international banks.

Q4: What sort of weather will I encounter during my stay?

In this part of India the weather can be described as follows:

Season Expected Weather
The days average 10°–15° but can drop to 5° at night.
Daytime temperatures rise steadily from 18°–30° by the end of March; nights from 10–18°.
Daytime 30°–40° on average, although it can get hotter; nights are also extremely hot, around 30° on average. Period of dust storms.
Monsoon (Rainy season); daytime 20–35°C with extremely high humidity; nights around 18–22°C.
Dry weather; day temperatures may reach 30° or more but drop during November to around 25° on average; nights grow steadily cooler also.
Note: Temperatures can fluctuate quite dramatically at any time of year. There is no air conditioning or heating in the rooms, only electric ceiling fans.

Q5: What do I need to bring?

See the guidelines on the What to bring page.

Q6: Can I bring a computer or mobile phone?

Please note that the Institute does not provide any facilities for computer users, nor is there any internet or email facility. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the campus. If you bring one, you will be required to put it in Safe Deposit for the duration of your stay.

Q7: How do I get to the ashram once I’ve arrived in India?

Refer to the Travel to Munger page.

Q8: What happens if I come to the ashram, but I am not sure if I will do the course?

There is ample opportunity to make the decision whether or not to stay. Each candidate attends a language test, interview and orientation week before course admission, to provide as much prior information as possible.

Q9: Can I leave a course halfway through?

Yes, provided you give a request in writing stating the reasons for withdrawal. No refund will be given for boarding charges already paid.

Q10: What is the mode of assessment?

Attendance in all activitiesis the basis for assessment, including formal classes and sessions of hatha yoga, karma yoga, raja yoga, bhakti yoga and jnana yoga.

Q11: What happens if I get sick during my stay?

All visitors, students, guests and residents must take full responsibility for their own health and welfare. Bihar Yoga Bharati will not be held responsible for any illness, mishap or accident. Basic first aid is available on campus and if required, local doctors are available on request, for which the patient will bear the expenses of the doctor, medication and any further treatment. Any medical issue arising may require travel to metropolitan cities such as Kolkata or Delhi for treatment.

Overseas Candidates: Before you depart for India, consider whether your travel insurance policy will provide full medical coverage during the period of your stay in India.

Q12: Can I send and receive emails?

There is no email facility on campus.

Q13: Can I receive mail/parcels?

Yes, but be aware that letters and parcels may take a long time to reach here, and may not always arrive intact.

Q14: Are there public phone facilities on campus?

Yes, but only during certain hours, to avoid disturbing your routine. The time for phone use may, by necessity, be limited to 3-5 minutes per call.

Note: Mobile phones are not permitted in the ashram campus. If you bring one, you will be required to put it in Safe Deposit for the duration of your stay.

Q15: Can I receive visitors?

It is not encouraged, however, by special arrangement visitors may be permitted on Saturdays.

Q16: Can I move freely in and out of the ashram?

It is not advised or encouraged. Bihar Yoga Bharati courses are intensive and require all students to remain within the ashram for the entire period of the course. This means that for the duration of the course, you will not be able to access external services, including email, banking and shopping. Once you have been accommodated in the ashram, you will need to take proper permission from the administration before going outside of the ashram for any personal requirements.