Financial Requirements

Bihar Yoga Bharati provides for students’ lodging and on-campus first aid only. All other expenses required, such as any medical needs, text books and any other sundry expenses, are borne by students during their stay on campus.

For further information on the expenditure applicable for each course, please contact Bihar Yoga Bharati directly.

Personal Expenses

Students should bring enough cash to cover the course requirements as well as their own personal requirements, including medical, throughout the duration of their stay on campus.

During November/December each year, students are permitted to participate in the Sat Chandi and Yoga Poornima programs at Rikhiapeeth. Travel and accommodation expenses are to be borne by students.

Health and Welfare

All visitors, students, guests and residents must take full responsibility for their own health and welfare. Bihar Yoga Bharati will not be held responsible for any illness, mishap or accident. Basic first aid is available on campus and if required, local doctors are available on request, for which the patient will bear the expenses of the doctor, medication and any further treatment. Any medical issue arising may require travel to metropolitan cities such as Kolkata or Delhi for treatment.

Overseas Candidates: Before you depart for India, consider whether your travel insurance policy will provide full medical coverage during the period of your stay in India.

BYB Dress Code

While in the course, students are required to follow the BYB dress code. The cotton kurta/pajama set is available for purchase on campus.

Mode of Remittance

Indian Nationals

By cash or bank draft drawn in favour of Bihar Yoga Bharati, Munger, or by debit/credit card. Standard cards (including Visa, Mastercard) are accepted and a bank transaction fee applies.

Overseas students

Remittances for courses can be submitted in foreign cash or by debit/credit card. Standard cards (including Visa, Mastercard) are accepted and a bank transaction fee applies.

All Applicants

Please note all remittances are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Individual Financial Arrangements

All Applicants

Credit card facilities are not available in Munger. Credit cards can only be used in Kolkata (Calcutta), Delhi or other major cities. ATM facilities are available in Munger.

Overseas Applicants

Foreign money exchange is not available in Munger, and may not be available elsewhere in India, other than a limited facility at airports. You are advised not to rely on bank transfers and encashment of cheques for your personal financial needs while in Munger.

Indian rupees can be withdrawn from ATMs. As ATM facilities are not available at the ashram, you should ensure that you bring sufficient Indian rupees with you to cover any personal requirements during your stay.

Indian Applicants

It is advisable to bring enough cash to cover the period of your stay in the ashram.

Please note that Bihar Yoga Bharati reserves the right to alter or change any information as to the course expenses provided on this site, without prior information.