All application formalities must be finalized before admission to the Institute.

Ashram Life Experience

Overseas candidates who have no prior (or insufficient) ashram life experience are advised to spend some time in any of the Satyananda Yoga centres/ashrams around the world in order to gain essential ashram life experience. This will give some exposure to the lifestyle that will be experienced at Bihar Yoga Bharati.

The following international Satyananda Yoga information centres may be contacted for information about the closest centre to you:

  • Europe and South Africa

  • USA and Canada

    • Yoga Academy of North America
      2319 Lee Road
      Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
      Tel: +216 217 0589; Fax: +216 371 9780
    • Satyanandashram Canada
      837 Smith Road
      Ontario L9G 3L1
      Tel: +905 648 1525

  • Central and South America

    • Academia De Yoga Satyananda
      Carrera 19A No 84-37
      Bogota, Colombia
      Tel: +57 1 691 1967, +57 1 691 1817

Benefits of Ashram Discipline (all applicants)

The disciplines of the ashram are designed to encourage positive growth in each individual, as well as maintaining the integrity of this unique environment. Each student will be requested to abide by these disciplines during their stay. In the unlikely event that a student is unable to comply with these rules, disciplinary action will be taken by the BYB Administration.

Travel Documents (for Overseas students)

Overseas students must present the following upon arrival at the Institute:

  • Valid passport
  • Return airline ticket to the student’s own country or proof of bank funds to cover the same
  • Visa valid for the full duration of the course, without which they will not be admitted.

Compliance with local visa/travel regulations is the responsibility of the student.

Recommended Arrival Date

All applicants

Please advise us in advance, by telephone or fax, of your expected arrival date and time, as well as any changes to your proposed arrival date. As the gates close at 5.00 pm, students are requested to arrive before that time.

Overseas applicants

Overseas applicants are requested to arrive at Bihar Yoga Bharati one week prior to the Language Test and Adaptability to Ashram Life Interview in order to acclimatize to the weather and the environment.

Indian applicants

Indian applicants are expected to reach Munger and contact the ashram one day prior to the Language Test and Adaptability to Ashram Life Interview. Accommodation within the campus is provided only after Admission procedures.

Travel to Bihar Yoga Bharati

Click here for information on  travel to Munger.

Important Information – Read Carefully Before Applying

Bihar Yoga Bharati courses are intensive and require all students to remain within the ashram during the entire period of the course, withdrawing temporarily from the distractions of daily life.

This means that for the duration of the course, you will not be able to access external services, including email, banking and shopping. Basic provisions and personal items can be purchased on campus. Once you have registered in the campus you will not be permitted to leave the premises until the time of your departure. Any required facilities can be made available through the office.

If due to exceptional circumstances you are required to leave campus, prior permission must be taken from the administration. Granting of such permission is at the sole discretion of the administration and the Institute will not be held in any way responsible for your actions or welfare while outside the campus.


Everybody must take full responsibility for their personal belongings. Bihar Yoga Bharati provides a Safe Deposit facility for valuables, as well as lockable rooms. The institution will not be held responsible in the event of any mishap.

Everybody must take full responsibility for their own health and welfare. Bihar Yoga Bharati will not be held responsible for any illness, mishap or accident. Basic first aid is available on campus, and if required local doctors are available on request, for which each person will bear the expenses of the dsoctor, medication and treatment.

Permission is not given under any circumstances for visits to Ganga, for a swim or bath. In Munger the currents in Ganga are dangerous, treacherous, and unpredictable. The Institute strongly advises you to refrain from entering the water under any circumstance or motivation.