Purpose of Yoga

Yoga is a universal, evolutionary science derived from ancient tradition which has been preserved and transmitted through the ages by an unbroken lineage of yogis, rishis and seers.Yoga is not a religion: it neither encourages nor imposes any kind of religious dogma or belief. Rather, it is a science of living, based on experiential learning and unfoldment of the inner dormant potential.

Spiritual vision of yoga

Yoga is more than just a set of techniques to be practised for particular physical and mental benefits. To begin to experience the vastness of yoga, the committed yoga practitioner needs to move into the deeper levels of yoga sadhana and yoga lifestyle. Yoga is a complete lifestyle: a way of experiencing the world and oneself, and expressing the best in life.

In this spiritual vision of yoga, the aim of the Bihar Yoga system is the integration of head, heart and hands, and the improvement of the entire human nature and personality. Immersion in the ashram disciplines and lifestyle together with the practice of the various branches of yoga gives the opportunity for awareness to develop and for deep transformation to occur within the individual.

Branches of yoga

In the courses conducted at Bihar Yoga Bharati, the practice of the primary branches of yoga is integrated into the daily routine in a natural and harmonious way. Each branch has its own goal and system, and each aspect of yoga complements and supports the others, allowing awareness to develop at all levels within the individual.

Hatha yoga is practised in daily morning classes for the physical body and prana, while raja yoga is practised each afternoon for the relaxation and concentration of mind. Karma yoga is performed through involvement with the daily ashram activities, to develop the knowledge of how to manage one’s responses in a better manner and maintain one’s own peace and stability in all the situations of daily life. Bhakti yoga and jnana yoga are practised in daily evening sadhana to alter the perceptions, attitude and behavior, to connect with the best of oneself, and ultimately to express creativity and the aim of life.