About Living Yoga

The Living Yoga pages are dedicated to the vision and mission of Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, the spiritual successor of Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

Since before his birth, Swami Niranjan’s life has been in the hands of his Guru, Sri Swami Satyananda. Even as a small child, Swami Niranjan dedicated himself to the fulfiment of his Guru’s instructions and mandate.

His early years were spent not with family or friends, but at Bihar School of Yoga, under the training of his Guru.

In 1983 he was made President and the full responsibility of the administration and management of the institution, sannyasins, national and international centres, programs and conventions was his.

Travelling across the globe to propagate yoga and his Guru’s mission, Swami Niranjan became the much beloved spiritual guide and Guru for millions of devotees and disciples worldwide.

In the year 2008, Swami Niranjan handed over the charge of Bihar School of Yoga to Swami Suryaprakash and became free from his administrative responsibilities. In 2009, an new mission and vision was entrusted to Swami Niranjan by Sri Swamiji and in accordance with the instructions and guidelines given by his Guru, Swamiji’s lifestyle and activities have changed.

Swami Niranjan is now based at Paduka Darshan in Munger, where he prepares to fulfil the mandate given to him by his Guru and perfect the life of a Paramahamsa sannyasin.

No longer conducting national and international tours and programs, Swami Niranjan devotes most of his time to different sadhanas, anushthana and pilgrimages.

Before commencing the activities of Sannyasa Peeth, Swami Niranjan has isolated himself in order to perfect the sadhanas, disciplines and lifestyle of a sannyasin, which will in time be revealed as the basis of the teachings which Sannyasa Peeth shall provide.

For the benefit of all devotees, spiritual aspirants and wellwishers, the Living Yoga pages will contain news, articles, messages and inspirations from Swami Niranjan. These pages will be updated regularly.

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