Basant Panchami Satsangs, 2013 – Part 2

Sri Swami Satyananda’s Sankalpa for Bihar School of Yoga

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Ganga Darshan Yogapeeth, 15th February 2013, afternoon

On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of Bihar School of Yoga, I can tell you that Bihar School of Yoga represents the vision, the sankalpa, the plan, and the dream, not of one generation, but of two.

In Rishikesh, when our guru Sri Swami Satyanandaji met Sri Swami Sivananda, his guru and our grandfather guru, at the time of initiation, it was Sri Swami Sivanandaji who said to him, “Remember our plan. We have to work according to the plan. Keep this plan alive in your mind all the time.” What was the plan? That, Swami Sivanandaji did not tell us, nor did Sri Swamiji tell us. I am telling you this today because we are all part of that plan. I don’t know what the plan is, neither does Swami Satsangi, but we are all part of the plan. What a plan it has been, and what a brilliant journey over the last fifty years.

It is very rare attainment in the span of only 20 years in the life of one individual that allows such a great movement to take birth, spread all over the world, and sustain itself, not only during the lifetime of the person but even beyond, into the future. This is the attainment and the sankalpa of our guru. After all, what is attainment? You all want to attain something in life. You all want to achieve something in life, but what you want to achieve is your personal, self-oriented, selfish desire. It is not a desire that you have offered to God or to guru, but it is a desire for your personal fulfilment. In the life of our guru, we see that he had no desire of any personal fulfilment, and those people who have seen him in Rikhia are witness to that. To people who would ask him, “Swamiji, it is very hot, let us put a fan in your room”, he used to say, “What do you mean, ‘put a fan in my room’? All my neighbours, they don’t have any fans, and you want me to have a fan – for what?” He was a man of convictions and belief, and that conviction and that belief was continuous in his life, due to the grace of God and guru. At every stage in life he was guided.

bihar-school-of-yoga-amphitheatre He saw the establishment and the building of Bihar School of Yoga in 1950, 13 years before he even came to Munger to establish this ashram. He had the vision of Munger in 1950 – you can read about that. He had the vision of Rikhia in the western end of the country – you can also read about that. He was a person who was always guided by God and guru, and it is his sankalpa that we are celebrating here as the Golden Jubilee, because after all, what is Bihar School of Yoga?

Bihar School of Yoga is a congregation of like-minded souls, hearts, and minds, committed to furthering the vision of our gurus. Bihar School of Yoga is not this building. Does a building sing kirtan, give satsangs and lectures or practise yoga? No. Bihar School of Yoga is the congregation of the like-minded people, who are united in one vision, in one dream, in one sankalpa of the guru, head, heart, body, and soul. That is all of you. gathering-on-main-lawn You are that Bihar School of Yoga, not this property. You are that Bihar School of Yoga, who are connected with the sankalpa, and it is because of you that today we are sitting here, celebrating this Golden Jubilee of the sankalpa of a saint.

All of you are the carriers of the sankalpa and the vision of the sages, of our parampara, all of us. For this is the year to reconnect, to immerse in that sankalpa and to live that sankalpa. Therefore, the Golden Jubilee of Bihar School of Yoga is actually the Golden Jubilee of the yogic teachings of our beloved guru, Sri Swamiji, which we are all learning to apply in our own life. Happy Golden Jubilee to all of you.

Hari Om Tat Sat.