Rikhia is a tiny, remote and obscure village of the Rikhia panchayat, situated twelve kms from the renowned temple of Deoghar, also known as Baba Baidyanath Dham, in the state of Jharkand.

Rikhia was once an area of dense forests inhabited by rishis, who loving the isolation and serenity of the place, flocked there to perform tapasya and sadhana.

In fact the word Rikhia is a distortion of the word rishi. In Sanskrit sh and kh can be replaced by each other. Thus rishi became rikhi, the plural of which became rikhayah and then later rikhia.

It is the strong spiritual presence of rishis at Rikhia in the past that has percolated down to the present day. The place is pure, serene and radiates peace.

It is a great place to de-stress because simply being there reduces and removes the stress levels one tends to accumulate in life.

Ode to Mrityunjaya

Om Namo Narayana O Lord Mrityunjaya!
I have worshipped you
As Kaal Bhairava with one tattwa
As Kamalakshi with five tattwas
As Vishnu with flowers, fruits,
water and milk.
In many forms, in many ways
and in many places
I have worshipped whatever form You have revealed to me as your own image.
And now, at your burial ground
I will worship you with every breath
This I promise.

Sri Swami Satyananda