Sannyasa Experience

1 year duration
For Indian nationals
Dates: July 27, 2018 – July 27, 2019

The path of sannyasa is steeped in the ancient spiritual traditions, yet the wisdom of the ages is today becoming a forgotten heritage. In the modern world, few aspirants are able to devote themselves to sannyasa in its traditional form. For those who wish to live and participate in society, yet side by side, develop an awareness of their spiritual nature, the Sannyasa Experience is offered.

This glimpse into sannyasa life is based on the principles of seva, sadhana, swadhyaya, samarpan and sanyam. The aspirant is not required to permanently renounce society. However a sincere commitment is required to sustain the one year period of training. The training is residential, conducted in isolation from the material influences in life, in order that the aspirant has an opportunity to imbibe the spiritual principles and learn how to express these in daily life.

Sincere effort is needed to overcome selfish constraints and limitations, follow the spiritual precepts and integrate one’s personality, and the commitment to one’s sankalpa or resolve must be strong. For people with this understanding, the Sannyasa Experience presents a unique opportunity to develop the inner potentials, wisdom and independent ability to make a positive contribution to humanity.

The daily schedule will be rigorous and challenging from 5.00am in the morning until 8.00 at night. Only Indian nationals of strong physical, mental and emotional character, who can face challenges and difficulties with faith, clarity and a positive attitude, should apply. Only applicants who are of sound health will be considered.

The application form can be downloaded here in हिन्दी/Hindi and English. For further information contact Sannyasa Peeth. For a reply please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.