Vanaprastha Sadhana Satra

1 month duration
For Indian nationals
Eligibility Age: 50 to 75 years
Vanaprastha Sadhana Satra 1: July 27 – August 20, 2018
Vanaprastha Sadhana Satra 2: August 26 – September 25, 2018

Embarking on ‘the retired life’ indicates the third compartment of life: vanaprastha ashrama. The baton of responsibilities and duties are handed over to the next generation and one enters into a life of reflection, contemplation, study and development of personal creativity and acquiring a deeper understanding of the human nature so that one can help others. The meaning of vanaprastha is change of lifestyle, change in the direction in which one was walking until now. In the past people went to the forest during this stage to live a life of contemplation, sadhana and swadhyaya. Gradually a system was developed by which in the latter half of life, when one has fulfilled all external social responsibilities, one can begin to explore oneself.

—Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Sannyasa Peeth will conduct two Vanaprastha Sadhana Satras during the Chaturmas period this year, for a month each. The first satra will commence on 12th July and continue until 11th August. The second satra will commence on 18th August and conclude on the poornahuti of Chaturmas on Bhadrapad Poornima, 16th September.

The sadhana satras are intended for vanaprasthis, the senior citizens in the age group of 50–75, who have entered the phase of life where the focus needs to be to disconnect from material life and its attachments and instead immerse oneself in sadhana and chintan, regular practice and reflection.

The key features of the satra will be swadhyaya, satsang, seva, sadhana and sanyam – the five stages of learning in vanaprastha ashrama. The aim will be to connect with the spiritual tradition and teachings, samskriti and vidya, as it is only by establishing a connection with the expansiveness, vyapakta, inherent in the tradition and the teachings that one can rise above sankirnata, the narrow confines of the individual realm.

By practising these five stages, an effort will be made to imbibe the samskaras that help clear old impressions and re-educate the mind, so that one acquires a better understanding of life, connects with the beauty of life and expresses oneself with wisdom and positivity. The endeavour will also be to deepen the inner faith and develop atmabhava as one walks away from the path of pravritti and takes the road of nivritti.

The application form can be downloaded here in English.

For further information contact Sannyasa Peeth. For a reply please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.