Avahan E-magazine

Avahan is being made available online for devotees and aspirants, to give inspiration and guidance to all who seek to develop spiritual understanding and awareness in life.

Current Issue

Jan/Feb 2018


  • Attaining Shivatva
  • Before Shivatva
  • The Fifth Year of Panchagni
  • पंचाग्नि और नचिकेता-अग्नि
  • Fire and Water
  • The Play of Shiva and Narayana
  • जल-अनल का खेल
  • The Essence of Panchagni
  • आराध्य में श्रद्धा, विश्वास व समर्पण
  • आत्मसमर्पण और ईश-कृपा
  • मेरे जो कुछ भी हो, तुम ही हो
  • Eternity in a Grain of Sand
  • Grace and Effort
  • Blessings of Devi
  • Impressions . . .
  • उपदेश – पंचकम्

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