Ashram Routine


An Ashram is not a temple or monastery, or a place for sannyasins or the guru, it is an embodiment of simple living, where one can develop a positive attitude and an understanding of selfless service. It is a place of inspiration because it does not teach or preach; it exhibits and you imbibe what is applicable to you.

Countless people have been inspired at Ganga Darshan Yogashram through the medium of yoga, sannyasa, guru’s grace or heavenly blessings and through contact with this hallowed place. Today Ganga Darshan Yogashram is a modern day gurukul, embodying yoga, the essence of spiritual life.

Events held at Ganga Darshan Yogashram on a regular basis throughout the year for all sadhakas, devotees and well-wishers include chanting of:

Every Saturday Mahamrityunjaya Havan
Every Ekadashi Bhagavad Gita Path
Every Poornima Sundarkand Path
Every 5th & 6th Guru Bhakti Yoga
Every 12th Akhand Ramayana Path

Ashram Routine

Below is the current ashram timetable.

4.00 am
Wake up and personal sadhana
5.00 am
Classes start at 5 am. Timings change as per winter or summer season.
6.00 am
6.30 am
Between 6:30 and 7:30 am there is seva yoga for all visitors and residents.
7.30 am
Departmental seva yoga is assigned to individuals in administration, maintenance, publications, transcriptions, art, gardens, kitchen, etc.
11.00 am
12.00 am
Time from 12.00 am to 4.30 pm is devoted to classes or departmental seva yoga.
1.30 pm
Afternoon tea
4.30 pm
5.30 pm
6.30 pm
Kirtans (mantra chanting and singing) and Satsangs (discourses and discussions).
7.30 pm
Private study or sadhana in one’s own room.
8.00 pm
Gates of residential buildings close.
8.30 pm
Lights out.

Observance of Mauna (silence) is obligatory at all meal times
and from 6 pm to 6 am.