WYC Speaker

Sannyasi Amritbindu (Shri Amresh Kumar)

Yoga Teacher, Researcher and AdviserYoga Research Centre, Kasturba Hospital, Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd (BHEL)Bhopal

Sannyasi Amritbindu works as a yoga teacher, researcher and yoga advisor at the Yoga Research Centre in the Kasturba Hospital at Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd (BHEL) in Bhopal. BHEL has a township for its 10,000 employees, and looks after their wellbeing through many schemes, including the Yoga Research Centre.

Sannyasi Amritbindu works as yoga therapist and yoga advisor to the patients in the Kasturba Hospital, and also conducts yoga shivirs in the BHEL factory on stress management and other practical aspects of yoga.

He was involved in joint research projects conducted by the Yoga Research Foundation and BHEL’s Yoga Research Centre on hypertension, asthma, diabetes and memory in school children. Currently Amritbindu is developing a research project on occupational stress.

Sannyasi Amritbindu graduated with a MA in Yoga Psychology from Bihar Yoga Bharati in 2000.