WYC Speaker

Sannyasi Muditachitta (Mariette Maclurcan)

MA Psych, M.AppSci
Researcher and affiliated Satyananda Yoga teacherAustralia

Sannyasi Muditachitta is an affiliated Satyananda Yoga teacher in Sydney, Australia, who for the past 16 years has specialized in teaching and researching yoga for cancer.

Muditachitta holds a Master of Applied Science (Research) from the University of Sydney and an MA in Psychology from Macquarie University, Sydney. Muditachitta conducted the first yoga classes in Australia’s largest city, Sydney, for people with all types and stages of cancer. She has taught yoga for cancer in a number of hospitals in Sydney.

In 2008 Muditachitta completed a research study with the NSW Breast Cancer Institute and the University of Sydney, investigating the effects of a 12-week Satyananda Yoga intervention for women with stage 1-3 breast cancer. The aim of this research was to increase the scientific evidence on the use of yoga as an appropriate protocol for medical oncology settings. Muditachitta now assists other interested yoga teachers in this type of research. She is the Research Advisor for the Yoga & Psychology Interest Group of the Australian Psychology Society and is also the Co-facilitator Cancer Topic, Satyananda Teachers Resource Network – Research.

Propagating the application of yoga for people with cancer, Muditachitta has made numerous presentations to medical and oncology staff, hospital and health professionals, state-wide cancer organizations in Australia and the USA, and local community-based cancer support groups. She also facilitates yoga for cancer retreats and a follow-up internet-based program “Creating Your Life”.