WYC Speaker

Swami Pragyamurti Saraswati

Founder and YogacharyaSatyananda Yoga Centre, LondonUK

Swami Pragyamurti Saraswati has been the Yogacharya of the Satyananda Yoga Centre, London for over forty years. Her interest in the spiritual path began in the 1960s when she came into contact with the teachings of the Bihar School of Yoga and its founder, Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati. She has been teaching yoga since 1971 at the Satyananda Yoga Centre in the south of London. In the last five years she has also been propagating yoga in South Africa, where she has worked in prisons, townships and with teachers from other traditions introducing them to Satyananda Yoga techniques.

In particular she has been involved in:

  • the establishment and teaching of a two year Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • teaching yoga and working with people living with HIV/AIDS, in the UK and South Africa
  • teaching yoga in prisons in the UK and South Africa, where she has found yogic and meditation techniques to be of great importance and relevance to inmates.