WYC Speaker

Swami Sannyasananda Saraswati

BSc (Psych, Physiol), BSc (Hons) (Physiol) (Adel), MWSCY, FWSCY
Consultant NeurophysiologistAustralia

Swami Sannyasananda is a Consultant Neurophysiologist with Science degrees in Psychology and Physiology and an Honours degree in Neurophysiology completed at the Centre for Sleep Research in South Australia. He also undertook Post-Graduate clinical training in Mind-Body Medicine from Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA.

He has explored the effects of certain yoga practices on the heart, brain and autonomic nervous system, and runs clinical yoga sessions, courses and seminars around Australia and overseas on various aspects of science and yoga. He is an accredited yoga teacher, an Academic Advisor at Monash University Medical School, and Research Director at the Swan Research Institute exploring the neurophysiological effects of various pranayama and meditation techniques. Swami Sannyasananda is a Life Member and Fellow of the World Society for Clinical Yoga, Lucknow in India. He is currently teaching and tutoring at Monash Medical School in Melbourne, Australia.