About Yoga Vision

Swami Satyananda

Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati is a visionary whose mission has been the development of an integrated yoga system which incorporates practical philosophy and a holistic lifestyle.

Sri Swamiji has brought to light ancient yogic teachings from sacred scriptures and the Sanatan traditions. He has framed them in a language which incorporates both traditional and scientific understandings.

Yoga sadhanas developed by Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati and the Bihar School of Yoga aim to integrate all levels of human life and experience.These yoga sadhanas, taught globallyover 50 years of yoga propagation from 1963 to 2013, are known as Satyananda Yoga®. This period of propagation was understood as the first chapter of the Bihar School of Yoga and was completed in 2013.

Since 2013, the focus has been to deepen the experience of yoga and elucidatethe yoga vidya through the development of the Yoga Chakra in Bihar School of Yoga teachings and trainings. The yoga vision aims to make available and propagate the spiritual and yogic teachings of Swami Sivananda; secondly, to bring forth the creativity of the faculties of head, heart and hands; and thirdly, to experience Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram in life.